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The Leverick Bay Poker Run is where participants travel over a pre-designated route and draw a playing card at each stop until they complete the route at Leverick Bay Resort & Marina. The objective of the event is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run.


The Leverick Bay Poker Run is the most exciting and anticipated nautical event in the British Virgin Islands. Why? Because of the PEOPLE (over 2,000 of them), the BOATS (over 300 anticipated) and THE PRIZES, totaling over $15,000! Friends and families from all over the Caribbean and the U.S. unite for one unforgettable day! Go to website.

It’s all about the BVI Community! 

Upon first conceiving the Leverick Bay Poker Run as an annual celebration, one of the purposes was to eventually help benefit charities with a sizable amount of funds and improve quality of life for all BVI residents. As the Poker Run launched back in 2002, we simply aimed for fostering a feeling of community through a fun activity and hoped it would continue to grow and gather enough support to keep going through the years.

Now entering our 18th year, excited and humbled by the great success of the Leverick Bay Poker Run, we are proud to announce the bestowed amount to charities continues to increase year after year due to the many people and businesses that support us. For 2018, we expect an even larger participation given the new raffles and opportunities to win, a development that will also help increase the bequeathed amount for BVI charities. Chances to win a cash prize are better than ever and we encourage everyone to join this year's run.

At this time, we've been able to confer over $100,000 to local charities and expect this trend to keep on for years to come thanks to the unwavering support of the boating community and all those who enjoy a good nautical activity. Some of the local charities who've benefited from proceeds include The Virgin Gorda Diabetes Association, the Virgin Gorda Animal Rescue, the Virgin Gorda Track Team, The Virgin Gorda Cars Association, and the Red Cross, among others.

Did you know that Leverick Bay Poker Run was born 16 years ago?

16 years ago, the Leverick Bay Poker Run was born in the British Virgin Islands. This famous nautical event attracts hundreds of boaters from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Florida. The event has had a positive impact on the BVI, increasing tourism, unifying the community and benefiting local charities. In 2016, The Leverick Bay BVI Poker Run had more than 250 participating boats and over 3,000 attendees, making it the premier nautical event in the Caribbean.

Do not forget to be cautious! Remember that the best parties are always the ones that end well.


The Leverick Bay Poker Run involves prizes of up to $20,000 in cash winnings, championship cups and sponsorship possibilities besides global awareness.